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Because this is a brand-new course, not all lessons have been uploaded yet. New lessons will be added every few days, as they become ready, until the course curriculum is complete.

    1. How to Use the Thinkific Course Player

    1. Course Welcome

    1. Lesson 1: Purpose

    2. Quiz #1: Choose the purpose that aligns best with the sample test question given

    1. Lesson 2: Rhetorical Modes

    2. Rhetorical Mode Quiz

    1. Lesson 3: Audience

    2. Lesson 3 Quiz: Audience

    1. Lesson 4: Register, part 1

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Paul Duke

Paul Duke

English Writing Instructor

Paul is an award-winning English educator from Canada, and the academic writing instructor for the world-renowned Juilliard School of Music's international campus in Tianjin, China. He studied at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, as well as at the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science in Kyoto, Japan. Paul is also the creator of the Youtube channel, Hard-Boiled English, on which he hosts the web series English Weirdness and his weekly live streaming show, Hard-Boiled English Live. A writer himself, Paul is also the main author of the blog, English Confidential. Formerly a professional private investigator and security specilaist, Paul brings his 'Hard-Boiled' inquiry approach to the learning of language, teaching students to be self-motivated critical thinkers, learners, and writers.

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“Meeting Paul was super epic. Back in 2014, I was looking for a teacher to ask for assistance in preparing my entry to an English essay contest. Eventually, I was able to win the first prize of the competition, which enabled me to attend a global youth conference at the United Nations Headquarters in N.Y. ”


“When I started learning English, I wasn’t able to write a short paragraph in English but after studying with Paul I was confident to write an essay and even a research paper. He taught me not only the skills of writing an essay but also having confidence to learn a foreign language. ”


“ Before meeting him, I was made to believe that my writing skills were limited and would never be decent, but he opened my eyes to new paths in terms of organizing my ideas, putting them on the paper and creating a good structure for it.”


“I relied heavily on his reading and writing workshops for my IELTS exam which I needed for university, where I am. His writing instruction has incredibly improved my writing skills as well as my reading comprehension. I highly recommend teacher Paul for those who are interested in learning English or need help in writing.”


“Paul helped me prepare for university in Canada. He told me how to write a research paper not only academically but also creatively and attractively. His passion for writing has inspired many students who have taken his writing classes.”


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